Wow! Forbes Releases List Of 10 Richest Personalities In Nigeria 2017, Number 3’ll Shock You [Must See]

Forbes, a renowned American business magazine, launched the list of Nigeria’s richest people in 2017.

In the latest ranking, nine Nigerians have made the club billionaires cut with some, only a few million dollars away from reaching the benchmark.

Here are the 10 richest men in Nigeria according to Forbes ranking 2017, ranging from the minimum to the top.



Top 10 Actresses Involved In Second-Journey Marriage (With Pictures)

10 Top Actresses Involved In Second-Journey Marriage

In the Nigeria entertainment industry today, the holy institution of marriage has been desecrated. It is now a common trend that most celebrities no longer give a second thought before dumping husbands for another depending on what the new ones have to offer.
However, it wasn’t always this way in the past as those who were married once and divorced were stigmatized and seen as a bad omen.
Increasingly, and in greater numbers, Nigerian male and female celebrities are changing wives and husbands like their ‘shokoto’.
The actresses who have toed this line have had their lives embroiled in hot waters of controversies, and yet survived while some are not so lucky. Even there are cases of those who rushed into the arms of the other woman’s man only to rush out.
NFC carefully selected list of actresses who have married more than once and their different tales of woes and triumph.

Stephanie Okereke- 5 years after her marriage to former Super Eagles defender, Chikelu Iloenyosi, met with troubled waters, the Nollywood icon found love again. She remarried in France to Linus Idahosa in a glamorous wedding ceremony tagged ‘fairy tale’.
Mr. Iloenyosi, has also remarried while Stephanie is expected to deliver her first child for Linus Idahosa before the end of 2015.
Iloenyosi got married to Stephanie in 2004 but the union crashed in 2007, without a child to show for it.

Mercy Aigbe- Although the identity of her first husband hasn’t been fully unveiled, not many of her fans know that Mercy Aigbe-Gentry who is now married to Lanre Gentry was a wife to an Igbo man and had a beautiful daughter for him, but the union couldn’t stand the test of time as it crashed few years later.
Mercy was tagged a husband snatcher after she got pregnant for Lanre Gentry who was then married to another actress, Bimbo Akinsanya.
Mercy and Lanre officially tied the knots at the Ikoyi Registry in 2013 but have been living together as man and wife before then.

Bimbo Akinsanya- After this Yoruba actress was backstabbed by a fellow actress, she decided to move on with her life and let Mercy Aigbe enjoy the same man that used to be her loving husband.
The god of love, later smiled on Bimbo and she remarried a few years later. To double her blessing, the script interpreter welcomed her first child with the new hubby, Ayoola Adewale, few months after her wedding.
Bimbo was delivered of a baby boy at a hospital situated in the Alagbado area of Lagos on Thursday, June 4, 2015.

Ibinabo Fiberesima Egbuka – It is no longer news that she has three children, all of whom come from three different fathers. Despite her indifference to her lifestyle, many see women who have led such life as having three children out of wedlock and for different fathers as a taboo.
Moreover, her fans had hoped that Ibinabo’s over publicized romantic affair with prolific actor cum producer, Fred Amata would lead the ex-lovers to the altar, but it only produced little Zino packed up just like that of her other two baby daddies.
IB, as she is fondly called is now married to Uche Egbuka and had a colourful wedding at her hometown in Okrika, Rivers State.
Mr. Egbuka, is a divorcee who also has two children and also not the father of any of Ibinabo’s children.

Bukky Wright- The veteran actress has been married twice (If not more), yet they all crashed like a pack of card.
Bukky Wright was married to top Lagos socialite, Bolaji Basia but the union wasn’t on a solid foundation as it collapsed few years after it was contracted.
The highly celebrated cross-over actress moved on to the next one; a London big boy, Wale Onitiri. Just like the first, the marriage didn’t stand the test of time; it also crumbled. The new man is her life can’t be ascertained at the moment.

Ann Njemanze- She is the former wife of actor Segun Arinze and has a beautiful daughter for him before their love faded.
The Tinsel actress found love again in the waiting arms of a lecturer, Silver Ojieson, who is younger than her and on November 9, 2013, they signed the dotted lines.
The wedding took place at her family compound in Bucknor Estate, Isolo, Lagos, and was attended by her family members, friends and very few of her Nollywood colleagues.
However, there are unconfirmed speculations that the young union which was much celebrated crashed as a result of Annie’s lifestyle.
Rumours have it that the mother of two refused to drop the lifestyles she picked for over 10years of living as a single woman, after her marriage with Mr. Arinze crashed in 2003.

Foluke Daramola- She married Babatunde Sobowale in 2005, and the union ended in 2008 after two kids, on allegations wife battering and infidelity.
The big busty actress has since remarried, and recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with her latest husband, Kayode Salako.
Her second marriage drew a lot of controversy, after she confessed to snatching Salako from his ex-wife.

Fathia Balogun- When the surname controversy between separated couple Saidi and Fathia Balogun was getting messier, the former opened up some hidden truth about his ex-wife.
He explained that he only had two kids with the actress cum producer, while her first child is from a different husband.
‘To set the record straight, Fathia and I had two children together not three. Fathia’s first child is from a different husband that she later divorced before we were married’, he squealed.

Stella Damasus- Few years after the shocking death of Jaiye Aboderin, who passed away in 2004, at the age of 33, his beautiful wife and mother of his two lovely daughter remarried.
Stella fell into the arms and bed of Emeka Nzeribe, but she didn’t stay up to a year in their marriage to the consternation of fans. She rushed into that marriage and rushed out.
Then she ‘snatched’ her colleague’s husband; Daniel Ademinokan. Stella and Daniel who was once married to Doris Simon have been living as man and wife in the United States of America.

The 10 Most Shocking Transformations Of Nollywood Actresses – Totally Unbelievable! (With Pictures)
Make-Up artistes here, make-up artistes there, make-up artistes everywhere, make-up artistes in the air! Yeah! There are virtually more than 1 Million make-up artistes in Lagos, Nigeria alone as females in the state, these days have developed a flair for the discipline.


We are up and running as we bring to you the next best actress on our list, Eve Esin. That Nollywood sweetheart y’all fell in love with when she had her break in the movie “Idemili”.
The gorgeous star was transformed on set of a movie by one of Nigeria’s best make-up artistes, Hakeem Effect Onilogbo, who certainly took his professional time to change the star into an oldie as seen in the photo above.
Nice work!

The 10 Most Popular Churches In Nigeria And Their Origin (Must Read)

Christianity in Nigeria have evolved within a short period of time that it was brought to us by the Europeans through the work of the missionaries.
Here we take a look at some of the popular churches in Nigeria and their origins,if your church is not listed here that doesn’t mean its not popular in Nigeria.This list is all for the Glory of God.


The Roman Catholic Church traces its history to Jesus Christ and the Apostles. The first bishop of the church is the bishop of Rome also known as the Pope Saint Peter who was appointed by Jesus Christ to be the head of the church in the New Testament. Catholic Church is also the only church in the world to has its own state in the name of Vatican. The church came to Nigeria in 1885.

These Rare Photos of Ghanaian Celebrities and Their Lovely Kids Will Make Your Day

Image result wey dey for These Rare Photos of Ghanaian Celebrities and Their Lovely Kids Will Make Your Day

Ghanaian Celebrities and their kids are usually objects of attraction, with many of us always wanting to catch a glimpse of them. But most of the times, we only make do with pictures.

Moreover, you may be wondering how celebrities cope with combining their career with family responsibilities. You may also be surprised to see the number and age of their kids because of how these stars look so young and untouched.

But if you come a little closer, you will find out that a lot of them already have grown up children and are also faring well both in their career and family life. In the midst of all the hustles and bustles, they still make out time to spend and have fun with their kids.

You really need to see these latest and beautiful photos of Ghanaian celebrities and their kids!

How I Lost My V1rginity To My Married Music Teacher – Juliana Olayode, Toyo Baby Of Jenifa’s Diary

According to the actress who was born Juliana Olayede, she lost her virginity at age 17 to her music teacher who brainwashed her into thinking he would marry her.

After claiming to be a virgin few months back, former Jenifa’s Diary cast Toyo Baby revealed in her book ‘Rebirth’ that she is not a virgin.

According to the actress who was born Juliana Olayede, she lost her virginity at age 17 to her music teacher who brainwashed her into thinking he would marry her.

The actress revealed that her first sexual encounter was painful.

Read excerpts from her book below:

“The day finally came. He wanted to move the date because he was expecting some money that he wanted to use to pay for a good hotel, but moving it would mean my mum back from church. So, he settled for a cheap hotel. I still remember the smell of cigarette that filled the room. I hated the smell of alcohol and cigarette; I still do. We had to wait at the reception for the room to be cleaned and aired.
So, we went back into the room, and it happened. It was a painful experience for me.
I cried at different points and he kept apologising, begging me to keep my voice down
lest they think he was raping me. He told me to relax and bear the pain. In his words, “do not be a weak woman”.

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Many people has been saying Banky W and Adesua won’t last together and most of the says there marriage might just be the type of Tonto Dikeh and Churchill’s own.


But the is not true, that’s why we bring you the 7 reasons everyone should have known Adesua and Banky would end up together

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