These 5 Tips Would Teach You How To Care For Your Suits

Your suit is one of the most important items in your wardrobe, and you know it too. You’ll wear it several times throughout your life, perhaps even every day depending on your career path.

Of course, it represents a significant investment, so it’s important to learn how to wear, clean and store your suit properly so that it lasts you for a long while.

Below are some easy ways to care for your suits.

1. Give it a rest.

Unlike your everyday pair of jeans, a suit should not be worn daily for weeks or months on end. A suit’s fibers need recovery time after each wear, otherwise you’re taking years out of its durability.

Additionally, not wearing your suit daily keeps it clean longer, allowing for more time between visits to the dry-cleaner.


Have A Flirting Partner? These 7 Tips Would Help You To Deal With Him

How To Deal With A Flirting Partner

So you’ve moved past mere dating into a promising new relationship with someone you hope could be the one. Chances are, the two of you met in the first place because of some hot and probably mutual flirting.

It was fun and exciting. Maybe you didn’t notice then that your new partner has a habit of flirting with everyone. .

But now you have noticed. Doubt has crept in to make you wonder if all that flirting is a sign that your new romance is not as solid as you once thought. She flirts with the waiter or the cute security attendant.

He seems to lavish his charm on someone new every time you go out. And it leaves you feeling wounded, confused, and even betrayed.

Before you issue angry ultimatums or break it off prematurely, here are some methods  to help put things into perspective — and guide you in deciding what to do next.

These 5 Signs Are The Easiest Ways To Know If You Are Being Treated Right In Your Relationship

1. Talk it over.

Resentment is like mold — it grows fastest in dark, hidden places. If you have concerns about how much your partner flirts with others, bring them into the open. Ask direct questions and welcome honest answers. You may find that a misunderstanding lies at the heart of the matter.

5 Times Blogger Zulash Show His Love To Coffee & Tea (With Photos)

Zulash who is well knows as Max is a fashion lover and he love spending much of his time at different coffee shops around.

His sense of dressing and pictures it quite unique, if you’re fashion lover Zulash Instagram handle it a good place to look at some unique photography styles/pose.

With his ability to complement his outfits with the different backgrounds, you can be sure that you will never run out of tips on how to play up your looks.


1. That time Zulash smiled for the first time on Camera


2. Zulash side look is absolutely lit.

These 7 Tips Would Help You Snap Out Of Depression And Become Your Normal Happy Self

At some point in her life, every woman would feel depressed, let down and tired of life. If you feel that way, you are surely no alone and you should never think you are.

Depression can drain your energy, hope and drive, making it hard to do what you need to feel better.

But while overcoming depression isn’t easy, there are plenty of little things that can help you on the way to recovery.

Many people make the fundamental mistake of presuming that depression is sadness, but the two are entirely different things.

Here are important tips to help you get out from depression:

1. Stay in touch

Don’t withdraw from life. Socializing can improve your mood. Keeping in touch with friends and family means you have someone to talk to when you feel low.

Connection is one of the six basic emotional needs and when depression takes hold it is often the need that gets most neglected in favour of satisfying the need for comfort through isolation.

When the first signs of depression appear it is important to spend more time cultivating relationships with family, loved ones and friends, for these are the very people who will be there for the individual as their support network.

Being able to talk about your problems makes dealing with them easier and therefore it is very helpful to identify the people you can trust and rely on.

Terry G Is Being Haunted By His Past And Here’s How

In the past, the word controversy was synonymous with Gabriel Oche Amanyi, aka Terry G. If he was not reported fighting, he would be caught smoking publicly or doing other attention-grabbing things.

But in an encounter with Punch, the music producer said he did all thatin the past was as a young boy, who was just having fun.

He stated:

 “I do not like controversies. I was only a victim of controversies. All that I have done in the past that made me controversial were mistakes anyone could commit. I am still paying the price for my past. I did certain things I can never do again. I was a young boy, who was just having fun and enjoying music. My past still haunts me as I speak to you, as I am being judged for those actions. I have done things I am not proud of.”

According to him, pictures on the Internet of him smoking marijuana were taken many years ago. He insisted that one could not find images of him doing such again as he now understands the implication.

He added:

“I am now a scapegoat all because I represented the streets and I was not afraid to show it. I sacrificed myself for the new generation of artistes. All I was being criticised for are those things artistes do freely now and no one talks about them.”

“I have many regrets, which I take as lessons in a way. If I had known better, I wouldn’t have done certain things.

“But I do not think what I sing or say determines who I am. One day, Nigerians will realise that art is different from reality. I made my mother love Patience Ozokwor because she had the impression that she was a wicked woman because of her roles in movies. I made my father love many musicians too. I made them understand that what they were doing was an art.

“Sooner than later, Nigerians will understand that the all the crazy things I do are just for the art; I am an actor. I am yet to do most of the things the new artistes do in their videos, yet people still see me as the most terrible person. In other countries, nobody makes an issue out of those things,” he said

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