15 Celebrities Who Showed Us The Perfect Way To Rock The Denim On Denim Combo (With Photos)

Denim is one style trend that no woman can do without. The beautiful thing about this is that one can wear it for almost every occasion.

Denim can be worn with heels, sneakers, sandals, flip flops, tshirts, peplum tops, cold shoulder tops, off shoulder tops and the most innovative- a denim top.

There is nothing more beautiful about a denim on denim outfit. It makes you look chic, upgrades your style and sets you apart.

9 Celebrities Who Showed Us How To Rock A Turban Glamorously

Our celebrities did not let us down as usual as regards this particular fashion trend. They have also upgraded their style and they rock the denim on denim combo so beautifully.

Below are some celebrities whose denim combo we love.

1. Ini Dinma Okojie

Ini shows how to look classy while rocking a denim combo. Hers was worn with sneakers.


11 Latest Asoebi Styles For The Week That Will Make You Slay Like Gorgeous Princess (With Photos)

Latest Asoebi Styles

No woman does not want to look good. Daily, women are becoming more fashionable and seeking new ways to be stylish and this is the truth.

Asoebi never goes out of vogue and we all know it. Every weekend, there is an event that needs you to get your style game to be at its peak.

Of course, we are always ready and dish out the latest trends in asoebi and this is what we have done below.

1. Monostrap in all its glory

These 11 Ways To Style Your Ankara High-Waist Trousers Will Stand You Out Any Day (With Photos)

Ankara high-waist trousers are the next big thing in the world of prints. Women have fallen in love with them and with good reason too.

Stylish, chic and trendy are the first words that comes to mind when describing the Ankara high-waist trousers. They just have this awesome way of making your legs look miles long and gorgeous.

There are also several ways to style it for both casual and formal looks. Throwing a pair of heels and you are surely ready to take the world.

1. Keep it simple. A black top is one of the easiest things to wear with an ankara high-waist trouser

Pre-Wedding Anxiety Is Easier To Deal With These 7 Tips

We understand that almost every bride would feel anxious and uneasy as her wedding day draws near and this is perfectly acceptable.

However, you do not need to feel burdened and unhappy, after all, you are experiencing one of the best moments of your life, so you should be delighted.

Below are some tips every intending bride needs to see before she gets married.

1. It is Okay to feel overwhelmed

Getting engaged is an amazing feeling, but once the initial thrill from  Facebook and Instagram wears off, planning a wedding can make you feel pretty overwhelmed.

There’s a huge amount of pressure for everything to go perfectly, and if you’re anxious, you’ll probably feel that pressure even more.

 You’re bound to feel stressed about such a major life event, but it does not mean you’re a terrible bride. Be kind to yourself, think good thoughts and try not to feel bad.

Here’s When Banky W & Adesua Intend To Start Their Honeymoon

Newly wed, Banky W and Adesua Etomi will be having their honeymoon in January and Banky W made this known when he replied a fan who wondered why all his groomsmen and Adesua’s bridesmaids are still in South Africa with them .


In response, Banky sarcastically said this is not their honeymoon but a bridal party trip.He also said the honeymoon is in January .

Most people feel they are already honeymooning at the Zebula Golf Estate & Spa in Johannesburg, but the singer has revealed that it’s just a bridal party trip.

Here’s what transpired between him and a follower on Instagram:

Kunle Remi Finally Breaks His Silence On His Relationship With Adesua Etomi

Actor Kunle Remi is not happy that he is been referred to as ‘Adesua’s ex’ and has taken to Instagram to shut down rumors.

Since Banky W and Adesua Etomi announced their engagement and also began their wedding proceedings, social media has been agog with reports that Kunle was once Adesua’s boyfriend.

In a post shared on his Instagram page early this morning, Kunle wondered where himself or Adesua ever confirmed to anyone that they were an item.

According to him, they only acted as a couple in a movie they starred in.

Read what he wrote below:

Silence,they say is Golden.
I have been silent, but some people have taken this as an invitation to take the piss!! I have chosen my words and thought this action through, so read carefully, yes, pay attention I will only say this once.
I am not a bitter person neither am I a sadist.
‘If’ you know me, (if you don’t, ask about me from those that do) you would know I am a very positive and I radiate good vibes only, I am not here for any form of negativity whatsoever.
My name has been used inappropriately, and it is time I set the record straight.
I intentionally waited till after the festive of the beautiful wedding ceremony had come to a natural halt out of respect for the couple.
I have not till this present day said to any blogger, or mentioned on any social media platform, or granted any interview admitting or confirming that I was ever in a relationship with the former Miss Adesua Etomi who as well all know tied the knot over the past weekend, neither do I recall her doing the same.
Yet some jobless people cooked up stories and sold it to other jobless people and then jobless readers and commentators believed it and hence the rumors started circulating with no proof other than pictures of us on a Movie set titled (FALLING. A great film by the way, It’s on Netflix if you haven’t seen it.). Contrary to the opinion of people who feel theirs matters, I don’t have to congratulate the beautiful couple publicly to prove anything. Some of us would rather do our things privately. You CAN’T believe all you see on social media (some people will still not understand).
Take for example ; Recently I posted a picture of my Beautiful Nephew on my Instagram and as expected, rumors started again without any confirmation that I have a baby. (Quote me) I never confirmed to anyone that he is My Son. So there you go!!. Not all you see or read on social media is the gospel truth.
Having said that this is my advice to those this may concern; Just for your sanity try to be sure about the rumors and gist before you tongue lash people or judge people.
Sometimes Not every one is strong enough to handle it.
If you don’t know anything or if you are not sure, you don’t have to comment or curse people just SHUT UP. “If You don’t talk (in cases like this) you won’t die”.
Don’t Curse yourself.
Thank you for reading.
PS : Next Time you want to talk about me or refer to me. My Name is KUNLE REMI, the charming, charismatic , God Fearing, hardworking , Gentlemen but you can just call me THE ACTOR!! Signed

Actress And Model, Makida Moka’s Love Story Is All You Need To Read Today

Model and actress Makida Moka is engaged to her beau Oliver Onyekweli and she shared photos from her introduction on her Instagram page and also a sweet story on how they met.

According to the model, they met when she wanted to go on a day trip to Olumo rock last year and didn’t have anyone to go with, so she ended up going alone, and the rest, as they say, was history!

She wrote on Twitter;

“Lol. I had a boyfriend. I wanted to go on a day trip to Olumo Rock, he didn’t want to go and then none of my other friends wanted to go. I didn’t know anyone else going, but I went anyway, by myself and met the love of my life on that day trip.”

She then shared photos of herself and her man during their introduction that took place recently and wrote on Instagram;

“M.M and O.O. He came to officially ask my family because first of all INTRODUCTION. ???? #MO18xFOREVER
#makidamoka #Makidamoka25#TheRoadToBeingMrsOnyekweli
#BeingMrsOnyekweli #MMOforshort
#Theyvecometoaskforme#weddingbellsarebeginningtoring#img alt=’Model and actress, Makida Moka gets engaged, reveals how her ex-boyfriend’s absence got her hooked to the love of her life’ class=’img-responsive text-center’ style=’margin: auto;’ettingmarried #Oliversbabygirl#thankful #blessed #grateful #loveit”